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High Density Pipe Saddles

Pipe saddles are nothing but a kind of foaming polymer, which can be made out of plastic or rubber; even we manufacture such High density pipe saddles using softwood.

Usually, many petrochemical industries, freezers, or air-conditioning companies etc. approach us for these high density pipe saddles, as they are very much in need of these pipe saddles, that are made out of the raw material called isocyanate and polyether and are added with foaming agent or fire retardant.

Features of High Density Pipe Saddles

The products manufactured by us will always include good retardation of flame, also our products contains strong protection against corrosion. This corrosion generally appears, when there is a contact between pipe and the pipe support. We have launched the product that should have Low thermal conductivity, and have a very great effect on cold insulation. Our High density pipe saddles are designed in order to be supportive to both pipes and pipe support.

High Density Pipe Saddles Manufacturers

We are one of the leading High density pipe saddles Manufacturers involved in introducing these products to the local as well as international market to widen our business operations. We will always make sure that these pipe saddles will be moisture resistant, non-toxic, durable and very reasonable.

Also, our staff will focus on creating excellent products that should have electrical insulating properties; also, they will check if the product is weather resistant and tear resistant with great load bearing capability. We always provide a way for our customers to take advantage of our products, and use steel pipes, in place of metal pipes.

These are the few the reasons why we have been remained top among the High density pipe saddles Manufacturers, as we are able to manufacture pipes of both steel and concrete.