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Laminated Panel

We are in to developing of laminated panels, which are nothing but thin wooden sheets that are also called as substrates and are similar to that of plywood. The only difference is the protection that is given on both sides with the help of plastic to meet the high quality of standards as per the requirements of all the regions. This can be a replacement usage of plywood, since they are strong enough to withstand an extreme weather condition that includes moisture, cold climate and chemicals.

Laminated panel is also termed as veneers that we glue it together with piles in order to strengthen the layer and to add protection to the composition, thickness and color. Also, we manufacture these laminated panels with a smooth finishing that enhances the look and feel of the panel. The aesthetic look of the panel protects it from bumps, scratches and dust. Later, to make it more attractive these panels are customized with unique designs that suits each person’s requirement

Types of Panel Applications

There are different combinations of panels available with us, and as a Laminated Panels Manufacturers, we develop products such as – the plywood and ABS laminate panels, the plywood and FRP laminate panels, the aluminum laminated pane and lightweight composite panels, are the various options available with us, which can be customized according to the user’s requirement.

The thickness of the laminated panel varies according to the usage which ranges between 1/8 inches to ½ inches which is available in various colors and textures to enhance the look of the laminated panel.

Usage of Panels

We are the giant Laminated Panels Manufacturers who are involved in manufacturing of panels for multipurpose usage of floors, walls, vehicles and boxes, where safety and quality are kept as a priority. Times have changed where the users had to compromise on design and stick on the boring panels with these stylish designs based panels that enhance the look and feel of the room and also protects from all climatic extreme conditions.