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Slab Stock Products

As Slab Stock Foam is used by several people due to its durability, we have started manufacturing products related to Slab Stock foam, and are planning to expand our business in many places. Slab Stock foam Products that we manufacture include – CFC-free foams, methlyene foams (chloride-free), hypersoft, CMHR foams, elastic foams, etc. to satisfy needs of our customers, and also to increase our company’s demand in the market.

Slab Stock Foam

In today’s world, usually most of the stuff is made out of Slab Stock Foam, which includes sofa, bed, car seats, pillows, furniture, toys, diaries, mattresses, and many more ... taking this into consideration, we have been developing such foams, and have become one of the leading Slab Stock manufacturers, where customers can find many products related to slab stock foam such Polyol Arcol, Iso Mondur, Polyol Ultracel, Polyol Softcel, Polyol U-1000, Polyol Softcel VE-1100, Polyol Hyperlite® E-863, Polyol Hyperlite® E-852, Polyol Multranol® 3901, Iso Mondur® 1488, etc.

We are into manufacturing of Slab stock foam for many items including furniture since many years, and our customers are satisfied with our furniture made out of slab stock foam, that spreads the beauty of the room.

Slab Stock Manufacturers

As we know that, there are a several advantages using the slab stock, we have involved in to manufacturing of such Slab Stocks like any other Slab Stock Manufacturers. We manufacture slab stocks for blocks and tiles to help the consumers get the high quality foam for tiling, flooring, landscaping, etc.

We are the Top Slab Stock Manufacturers who does not only reside in India, but also supply these products abroad too. Customers may find several Slab Stock Manufacturers on the internet, but they will be happy with our products and services if they try us once, as we work hard for our customer satisfaction.